Luxury vinyl flooring and bathrooms: Is it a fit?

Luxury vinyl flooring and bathrooms: Is it a fit?

If you've never installed luxury vinyl tile and plank in the bathroom, now is a great time to consider it. These floors are perfect for this placement for so many reasons.

First, they offer a beautiful decor match, no matter your needs. And second, they provide outstanding durability that could last for decades.

Bathroom decor is versatile

Bathroom decor ranges in wide swings from one end of the spectrum. Some homeowners prefer a minimal look and feel, while others opt for spa-like elegance.

The good news is that no matter what kind of decor you're matching, luxury vinyl plank is a great option with plenty of looks. Enjoy visuals that mimic natural stone, wood, porcelain tile, or a decorative option.

Outstanding waterproof protection

We all know that bathrooms can be humid, damp, and prone to spills and splashing. That's why these materials make such an excellent addition to this room.

If you need complete waterproof protection, luxury vinyl is a great choice. A layered construction including particular core components keeps you safe from water damage.

Don't forget to consider added protection from wear resistance. And it can keep your LVT floors looking better longer.

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