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Some carpet buying facts
Carpet has been a popular floor covering for a very long time, and your reasons for choosing it are probably as varied as the styles you’ll have to choose from. Whether you are putting flooring in a brand new home or just replacing carpet that’s been around for a while, it can be important to make sure you’re getting the best information.

Not all carpeting suits everyone. The main thing to keep in mind is that there will be some that will work and some that absolutely won’t. Make sure you know what your needs are, because they will always be more important than what you want.

At Luke’s Carpet and Design Center, we have been helping our customers find the perfect flooring for nearly twenty years. We service the areas of Kennewick, Richland, Pasco, and West Richland, WA, as well as the Hermiston, OR area. Our showroom is located in Kennewick, WA and we invite you to stop by to see our large selection of flooring for yourself. Our flooring professionals will be standing by to answer any questions that you might have.

Carpet basics

Fiber is one of the most important things to understand about carpet. It will determine the overall lifespan of your floor, and how much wear and tear it can tolerate. Wool, for instance, is a natural fiber that is often chosen for its stunning beauty. Nylon is almost as good looking as wool, but much tougher and more durable, as it is often used in areas of high traffic.

There are other very important things to know about carpet as well. For instance, colors can have a huge bearing on how well dirt and stains show. All carpets should be maintained regularly, and cleaned professionally at least once a year, however, choosing the right colors, can make a big difference.

Light colors are often chosen for rooms that are smaller in size, since they can open that room up to appear larger. However, dirt, debris and stains will all show up easily. Dark colors have the opposite effect, and can make overly large rooms seems more cozy. They do a great job of hiding stains, but they can make lint stand out more.

Carpet that has a speckled design can work towards hiding both dirt as well as lint, however some people believe that it looks dingy even when it’s clean and new.

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