Granite countertops


What to know about granite countertops

When you need a fantastic surface in your kitchen, granite countertops could be the perfect addition, adding style, durability, and an excellent lifespan. They offer plenty of other benefits and an eye-catching option for any décor scheme, so you'll find a match. If you need a quick list of reasons to learn more about these surfaces for your home, here are a few facts to help.

Natural beauty and grace

As an all-natural material, you’ll see that no two granite pieces are the same, so you can choose colors, patterns, and styles that will have no match. Swirls and character features in granite slabs add stunning beauty to your visual choices for one-of-a-kind results you'll love for years. Even if you change your décor or furnishings, you will likely see these visuals grow along with them.

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Impressive durability

It's important to know that granite requires sealing and re-sealing to ensure the best results, but with professional services, you'll enjoy years of benefits. These include resistance to scratches, chips, moisture, and heat, which help create the lifespan you need. In addition, since this is one of the most durable surface materials for countertops, you won't often need to repair your granite kitchen countertops.

Add plenty of value to your home

As an all-natural material, you can expect the value of your home to go up in much the same way as it would with hardwood or natural stone flooring. Of course, if you choose to sell, it makes it more appealing to buyers. But even if you never sell, granite countertops will be more attractive to you and your family, which makes them just as valuable.
Granite countertops in Kennewick, WA from Luke's Carpet & Design Center

We’re here to provide the perfect granite countertops

At Luke's Carpet & Design Center, you’ll find one of the largest showrooms in Eastern Washington, with granite slabs and samples from all the best name brands. In addition, we hand-select an in-stock inventory that proves our dedication to meeting your needs, no matter your remodeling size. We've served our community since 1999 and look forward to helping you create a dream surface in your home.

Whenever you're in the area, you're invited to our showroom in Kennewick, WA, to browse our inventory and speak with our experienced associates. We provide granite countertops to residents in the Tri-Cities area, and we're ready to work with you too. So, stop by today to learn more about how granite could be the surface that serves you best.